Pet Advice From Our Independent Vets

Pet Advice On Dental Care

Dental health is a very important part in your pets general wellness. However some pets can make it more difficult to fully assess their teeth than others.

Toothbrushing is the best way of keeping your pets teeth plaque free and healthy for longer. Both cats and dogs can learn to tolerate and even enjoy toothbrushing although you will have the highest chance of success if this started at a young age.

Other factors that play an important role in dental health are diet, we have specific veterinary diets that can help to minimise plaque build up as well as being well balanced for gut health.

Breed can play some role in this, with some more likely to be affected than others. Book an appointment with one of our vets or nurses who can offer you more information specific to your pet on how often a dental check is appropriate and what actions to take to address it.

Pet Advice On Neutering

We recommend neutering of all cats from 5 months old. Spaying and castrating cats at this age will reduce their likelihood of straying too far, it will also prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the chance of developing breast or testicular cancer in later life.

Bitches can be neutered from 6 months old before their first season in order to reduce their likelihood of developing mammary cancer. In some circumstances we will advise to wait until after her first season, however this advice can be discussed with one of our vets or nurses.

Dogs can be neutered from 6 months old but we are guided by temperament and confidence in these young males. The real benefits of neutering come later in life when it reduces the likelihood of developing testicular and prostate disease.

Pet Advice On Diet

Many of us underestimate the longterm impact of diet. At Woolton Veterinary Centre we aim to advise you on the appropriate diet for your animals age, breed and lifestage.

Baring these factors in mind can play a vital role in developing the correct levels of minerals, proteins and fibre essential in all diets.

We also can offer advice on diets that form a part of treatment for diseases such as skin disease, kidney disease and sensitive stomachs.

Pet Advice On Geriatric Care

Many of us assume that is natural to slow down as you get older however frequently in our golden oldies we miss the signs of arthritis or early stage organ disease. Identifying these signs at an early stage can allow for better management and a better longterm prognosis.

At Woolton Veterinary Centre we believe in tailoring our care to the needs of your older dogs, cats, rabbits and small furries. Come and speak to one of our vets or vet nurses who can help you modify diet, exercise and add in appropriate supplements or medicines to ensure your pet has a long and happy life.