Nurse Clinics

Veterinary nurses are such an integral part to any vet practice. They have a wealth of knowledge and want to share it with you.

Our nurses love building relationships with clients and their pets from the very first visit as a puppy or kitten right through to helping support them and offer tips and tricks as they get older.

Please see below the clinics we offer at Woolton Vets. The best news of all is that these are all complimentary as part of our membership.

We are passionate about getting young pets off to the very best start in life, and that begins with their health. So, we’ve created a puppy and kitten development clinic where we teach owners about optimal nutrition, preventative healthcare, neutering, behaviour, and so much more. Visiting our nurses is also a great way to make pets comfortable about coming to see us through fun, positive experiences during their formative months.  

We understand that a trip to the vets can be a nerve-wracking experience for some pets. With all the will in the world, vet surgeries do have some funny smells, plenty of other animals around, and from time to time we can’t avoid having to inject pets with a needle! By bringing your nervous Nellies to see our wonderful nurses in confidence clinics, we can provide calm, positive, maybe even fun experiences, which will see their confidence flourish when they need to visit for health checks or in times of illness.  

We are vets for all pets, not just cats and dogs! Our nurses are highly knowledgeable about more exotic pets too, including rabbits, Guinea pigs and many other species; they are delighted to impart that knowledge to any pet owner who needs advice. Dietary information, neutering protocols, and husbandry guidance are just some of the learning topics on offer from the team. Some of our nurses even have advanced certificates in small animal husbandry so we always welcome any clients to book in with our knowledgeable team for support and advice with their pet. 

Pet Obesity is surprisingly common and comes with all the same health problems that overweight people suffer. It can be hard to help a pet lose the pounds; teaming up with our veterinary nurses can really help you stay focused. Our weight clinics are brimming with safe dieting advice, exercise tips for cats, dogs and rabbits, as well as nutritional information to promote healthy weight loss, for results that last. Please get in touch for judgement-free support from our knowledgeable nurses. 

Pets provide us with such joy over their lifetime and taking extra care of them in their older years is one way we can give back. A pet’s lifestyle and health requirements will change with age, and our nurses know a great deal about how to meet these needs. Clients can learn how best to feed aging pets, how to assess pain (commonly arthritic pain) and quality of life, and our nurses have a plethora of tips on how to make an older pet’s environment more comfortable. They can also arrange certain ‘older pet health screens’ to see how their internal health is holding up. Please get in touch for more information; we’re here to help your golden oldie live their best life. 

A diabetes diagnosis can be alarming to some pet owners, as can the seemingly overwhelming and intricate care needs of a diabetic pet. With education and understanding through nurse clinics, we can arm a pet owner with everything they need to feel confident about managing a diabetic pet at home. Dietary advice, insulin injecting lessons, and blood glucose monitoring are just some of the ways we can help. It really doesn’t have to be daunting, and by staying in touch with our team in this way, pets can enjoy longer, better, and more comfortable lives. 

By teaming up, owners and veterinary professionals can do so much to help pets with renal (kidney) disease enjoy a longer and more comfortable life. Education and monitoring forms the basis of this teamwork approach and our knowledgeable vet nurses are on hand to help. Discussions about the disease and how to make dietary improvements, as well as blood pressure checks and blood tests for monitoring purposes, are all ways that our nurses can support. Please get in touch for more information.