Woolton Vets endeavour to be transparent with our fees.

We will always provide an estimate of costs where possible (this can be difficult in emergency situations) and we encourage all our team to have honest conversations with our clients around different options and costs of treatment.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of our team.


In order for us to fully understand your concerns, carry out a full head to toe examination and make a personalised plan for your pet, we recommend a consultation with one of our team.

Follow up consultations, where appropriate, will also be 15 minutes in length allowing sufficient time to review and, if necessary, amend treatment plans.

15-minute consultation £49

Members receive a 10% discount

Second Opinion

If you do not wish to become a member but would like a second opinion on a case, we can help facilitate this. If you would like independent advice on the current care of your pet, we can request the history from your vet, spend time reviewing this and book a consultation to perform a thorough examination and discuss any investigations that have been performed to date. We want to give you value and not rush this process, so we book a 30-minute consultation. Where possible, we will book this appointment with one of our vets who has an interest in that specific area.

If you wish to continue your pets care with us, we require an active membership to be in place. See here for more details.

30-minute consultation £98

Diagnostic tests

Woolton Vets have a well-equipped lab on site with the most up to date machines.

We are able to receive most results within a few hours allowing us to gain information about your pet quickly and accurately and create an appropriate treatment plan.

Not every pet will require the same test and we cannot give an exhaustive list here, but we have included a few of the most common tests we perform.

  • Pre-operative blood test – £65
  • Thyroid blood test – £63
  • Fructosamine blood test (diabetic) – £70
  • Comprehensive blood test (haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes, SDMA, thyroid) – £199.50
  • Complete urine test – dipstick, specific gravity and cytological examination – £49.50
  • In-house ear/skin swab (cytology) – £40


The fees include:

  • Pre-operative assessment
  • General anaesthetic and monitoring equipment
  • Surgical fee
  • Medications including pain relief to go home
  • Hospitalisation including post-operative feeding
  • Buster collar
  • Appropriate post-operative assessments either via PetsApp or in person
  • Dog castration under 20kg – £239
  • Dog castration over 20kg – £295
  • Bitch spay under 20kg – £300
  • Bitch spay over 20kg – £362

Neutering is always beneficial in bitches. However, in male dogs, surgical castration may not be deemed appropriate based on the emotional health of your dog. Our vets may therefore discuss alternative options such as chemical castration with you.

  • Cat castration – £111
  • Cat spay – £139
  • Rabbit castration – £162
  • Rabbit spay – £195

Although rare, complications can happen after any procedure. The costs quoted do not include the cost of any complications. Most insurance companies cover these costs (please check your policy for details and excess fees).

If you do not have insurance in place and your pet is eligible, we can offer four weeks free insurance. Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Members receive a 10% discount